Form Processing Actions

Since Ninja Forms v2.8.x, Form Processing has been organized using Form Actions.

The magic happens in the Actions
Chris Lema

Each Form Action is registered one time and can be activated on any number of forms. This modular, plugin like, approach ensures portable and flexible form processing.

For example, instead of being limited to a single “Email Notification” setting, any number of emails can be attached to a form, each with its own configuration.

For those familiar with Email Notifications, Email Confirmations, and Success Message form settings, each of these are Form Actions in Ninja Forms.

Default Form Actions

  • Email
  • Success Message
  • Redirect
  • Save to Database

Add-on Form Actions

In addition to the default form actions, extensions add form actions to hook into form processing.

  • Create Post
  • Register User
  • Collect Payment
  • Subscribe to Newsletter
  • Post to Slack
  • Send WebHook
  • Offload File to External Server
  • Create Trello Card
  • Generate PDF