Field List Toggles

The Field List setting is a setting container, similar to the Fieldset setting, in that it contains a collection of settings which are related and visually grouped within a fieldset. Unlike the Fieldset setting, the Field List settings collection is dynamically generated based on the current list of form fields.

Note: References to the “Field List” (with capitalization) here-by refer to the parent setting container, while the individual settings in the collection are refered to as “settings”.

Setting Properties

Field Types Filter


The dynamic settings collection of the Field List can be filtered against a list of field types specified by the field_list (array) property.

Example: ‘field_type’ => array( ‘textbox’ ),


Since the settings (array) collection of the Field List setting is dynamically generated the settings property does not need to be manually set.

Any static definitions inside of this settings property will be overridden.

Naming Settings

Individual settings generated by a Field List are named with the following convention:


The name property of the Field List is used as a prefix with the corresponding field key used as a suffix (separated by a hyphen).

Setting Values

Individual settings in the collection are defined as toggle settings which recieves either a 1 or 0 corresponding with on and off, respectively.

Setting values can be accessed in the action’s processing() method