THREE FAQs & Pre-Release Signup

Ninja Forms THREE will be here soon and we’ve had some questions that seem to come up often. Instead of answering them over and over again, we’ve decided to place them all in one simple location for anyone to reference.

Is it safe to upgrade to 3.0?

This is the number one question we receive and the short answer is, yes. It will be completely safe to upgrade to Ninja Forms 3.0. We have taken great care into putting safety precautions in place to give our users more peace of mind:

  • One click rollback to the latest 2.9.x version. This means if you discover something isn’t working as expected you will be able to roll back to the state of your Ninja Forms prior to the upgrade.
  • Version Checks. We will have comprehensive checks for compatibility with Ninja Forms and existing Add-On versions to warn of potential detected problems.
  • Pre-Release rollouts. Simply stated, not everyone will be updating at once. Initially we will be rolling out 3.0 to small subsets of users privately to ensure a seamless transition before offering a public release.

To reiterate, if something were to break in the update, you will have a safe way to revert back to your current setup. Below we will outline some use cases which should approach the update with more testing and caution.

Who might have issues with the 3.0 upgrade?

Ninja Forms THREE is a huge release (in fact, it is a complete re-write!). Because of this we are considering it a “breaking” release. A “breaking” release is one that will not support backwards compatibility of certain features. As a result there are certain situations where we will not be able to fully convert advanced form features..

  • Sites where custom Ninja Forms code has been written. Because the codebase has changed so much for 3.0, we are unable to guarantee full backwards compatibility for custom integrations on top of Ninja Forms.. Please thoroughly test all custom code before and/or immediately after upgrading to 3.0.

As discussed above, if you do discover any issues after updating to 3.0, you will be able to easily revert to the 2.0 features from within the plugin.

Are any existing add-ons going to be included in 3.0?

All add-ons that we currently have available will continue to be sold and will be made 3.0 compatible.. In some cases we may add simple features currently available only in addons into core.e. As an example, in a 3.x version of Ninja Forms we do plan on adding a simple file upload field.

Will I need to purchase new licenses for my add-ons for 3.0?

If you have a current active license for any Ninja Forms product, you will have access to upgrades to 3.0 compatible versions of those products under your current license terms with no additional purchase(s) required.

When will Ninja Forms 3.0 be available?

Our goal is the 6th of September for the actual 3.0 version release.

After much development and testing, we have decided to do a special slow-release of Ninja Forms 3.0 features to increasingly larger groups of users to ensure a smooth transition. This has already begun.