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Ninja Forms Developer Portal

Ninja Forms is the most powerful and flexible form tool for WordPress developers. At every stage of a forms functional life you can interact or modify anything, thus altering it’s final goal. The power is completely within your control.

Because we know that developers don’t all think exactly the same way, we have tried to present our documentation in few different methods so that you can discover the power of Ninja Forms how you learn best.

Let’s Get Started

We have provided a comprehensive workflow of Ninja Forms to the right. This will give you a full overview of everything you need when developing on top of Ninja Forms.

Below are some links you may also find useful in your Ninja Forms journey.

CodexThe Ninja Forms Appendix
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The Ninja Forms Flow

Before Form Display

Form Display

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User Enters Form Data

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Inline Field Validation

User Clicks Submit

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Validating the Submission

  • Radio messages on the ‘form’ channel
  • Radio messages in the ‘form-ID’ channel
  • Validating fields
  • Handing errors

Submit the Form Data

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Before Processing Submitted Data

  • Modify submission data with filters

Do Something with Submitted Data

Respond to the User

  • Trigger ‘submit:response’ radio message on the ‘forms’ channel
  • Show error messages on appropriate fields
  • Display any Success Messages that exist
  • Run any redirects that exist