Development Update

A lot of work has been done to get Ninja Forms into a Release Candidate so that users can start using Ninja Forms THREE on their websites. The slow roll out has officially begun! Over the next many weeks more and more users will be notified of an update for their Ninja Forms installation.

Core Feature Updates

  • Calculations
  • Product Fields


Calculations have been added to Ninja Forms core as a Form Setting. Using a repeater, calculations can be created with common operations ( +, -, *, / ) and field references (using merge tags). Once created, calculations can be referenced by other calculations (with checks to avoid infinite loops), used as mapped values in action settings, and can be displayed on the form.

Product Fields

With calculations now being strictly an “advanced” form setting, basic calculation functionality has been replaced with Product Fields. This change allows for a better user experience with an easier to manage system for basic calculation functionality.

Version Switching

To test deprecation, we have added a Version Switcher, which is available as an admin bar tool when WP_DEBUG is enabled.

Note: The “Mock Data” submenu tool ( Forms -> Mock Data ) has also been hidden behind the WP_DEBUG flag for developer access.

Add-on Development

Custom Field Validation

The Ninja Forms front-end display is now a JavaScript driven application. This requires custom field to integrate using JavaScript, instead of straight PHP. I’ve created an example custom field validation controller, in JavaScript, to show how this might work.

Form Conversion

Form conversion uses the Import / Export feature of Ninja Forms core. Form Setting Data is filtered on import (thus also conversion), which is available to add-ons. More documentation to come.