Ready, Set, Develop!

Update: The Ninja Forms THREE Release Candidate is now available for download.

Ninja Forms Beta 1 is now available for updating custom code! You can download a zip from the GitHub repository on the
3.0-beta-1 branch.

Below is an email that I sent to collaborating developer that currently have extensions in the Ninja Forms Marketplace, with a note on development.

Yesterday we released Beta 1 for Ninja Forms THREE and I wanted to make a note on extension updates.

A lot of the work that we have been doing is moving modular functionality to the Action System in Ninja Forms.

In the past, functionality has been scattered across plugin specific fields, form settings, etc.

Instead, we’d like to make things a little more uniform and modular.

If you do not already know, the Ninja Forms Action System allows plugin logic to fire during the form submission process with access to submission data, etc. The Action System also supports timing and priority triggering.

While not all extension will require custom actions, we suspect that most will.

Basically, anything that uses submission data on a per form basis should use an action.

Specifically, the following categories of extensions should use the action system and will include base actions that can be extended:
– Newsletter Integrations
– CRM Integrations
– Payment Gateways

If you develop multiple extension within the same category, this should make your (and the support teams) life much easier.

Also, I am putting together a resource for that explains the structure of a Ninja Forms Action, including how they are registered.

If your extension requires a custom field, I am also putting together a resource that will be posted soon.

Finally, if you have any questions, we have a Slack team for Collaborating Developer conversation. We’ve already seen a drastic shortening in the feedback loop, so I think it will be very helpful. Please join us 🙂