Example Extension Class

Today marks the public release of the Ninja Forms THREE Beta (Beta 1 C.Baker). This Beta is intended to give Collaborating Developers a starting point for upgrading extensions to be compatible with the Ninja Forms THREE code base and API. Along with this release, we are providing an example extension base class, which we have been using for development and testing.

Update: I have updated the boilerplate generator to be compatible with Ninja Forms THREE, which should be used instead of this example class. Check out the Ninja Forms Kozo Generator at http://developer.ninjaforms.com/kozo/.

Special thanks to Hannes for reminding me to update this post!

This example class includes:

  • Version Checking for loading a deprecated code base
  • Integration with the EDD Extension Updater
  • An example autoloader for plugin files and classes

Below is a video walkthrough of the example base class:

Ninja Forms THREE Extension Base Class from Kyle Johnson on Vimeo.

Base Class on GitHub: http://github.com/kjohnson/ninja-forms-example-extension

Questions? —> http://developer.ninjaforms.com/slack/

Intro music, “Brilliant”, courtesy of the WP Ninjas’ very own Devin Balram.