THREE – Alpha 2 – Troughton

Last week we brought you Alpha 1 Hartnell, the first public-facing iteration of Ninja Forms 3.0. That release brought with it the expectation for weekly updates as we continue to improve upon the features you know and love from Ninja Forms 2.9.x, and introduce others never before seen in the form building space. This week’s update falls into the later category, as we present to you Alpha 2 Troughton!

Follow along to see what we’re up to, but first a few important notes:

If this is your first Ninja Forms 3.0 Alpha install:

  • DO NOT attempt to install this release on a live website.
  • DO install this on a clean WordPress install; by this we mean a completely new WordPress installation to which Ninja Forms 2.9.x or earlier has never been installed.
  • There will be database conflicts if you install this alongside 2.9.x, even if 2.9.x has been deactivated or deleted.
  • This release is not in a complete state. Please see last week’s post for current features in addition to those listed below under New Features.

If you are updating from Alpha 1 Hartnell:

  • This release can be installed in the same WordPress installation as Alpha 1.
  • Restore Mock Data to repopulate the default forms in your WordPress under Forms before testing

New Features for Alpha 2 Troughton

This week’s additions are features completely novel to the WordPress form building space: the ability to view and undo bulk or line-item changes made to the form!

  • After making any number of changes to any of the default forms, look for a history icon to the left of the Publish button
  • Click that icon and a drawer will slide out from the right
  • Manipulate any of the changes you made to the form by undoing item by item, all changes in bulk, or even restoring the form to its last saved state
  • **Again, if updating from Alpha 1, please be sure to Restore Mock Data under Forms in the WordPress Dashboard before you begin or you will not see these changes!

Watch a very quick video that will show you exactly what you should be testing. 🙂

Giving Feedback

Last week we asked you to leave feedback in the comments. You are still welcome to do so, but this week we have implemented a Slack channel specifically for feedback and discussion of alpha testing. We value your feedback a great deal and believe this move will allow us to better communicate with you, our users. Please feel welocme to join and we look forward to hearing your input!

Ninja Forms Slack Group

Any and all feedback is welcome, but this week we’d especially love to hear:

  • What is your overall impression of the Undo Manager functionality? Does this upgrade your workflow?
  • Are you happy with having this functionality over a ‘cancel’ button?
  • After stress testing, does anything break?
  • Is there anything specifically that doesn’t work/potential bugs you’ve noticed with line item or bulk undoing?

And Now…

Download Alpha 2 Troughton