Ninja Forms JavaScript:
a very short introduction

During the 2015 State of the Word, Matt Mullenweg set a new direction for the future of WordPress: JavaScript. Automattic’s new Calypso dashboard and desktop client for is built on JavaScript and “communicates with only using our REST API”.

While the REST API is not yet fully integrated into WordPress Core, it is quickly on its way and plugin developers need to get ready. As a part of this transition, Ninja Forms THREE is receiving a new architecture with a PHP back-end serving data to a JS front-end.

The Client Side of Ninja Forms THREE is powered by a Backbone/Marionette JavaScript application using the AMD pattern.

  • Backbone is the JS library (which leverages jQuery and Underscores)
  • Marionette is the JS Framework (built on Backbone)
  • The AMD Pattern (Asynchronous Module Definition) is an organizational structure which uses a message bus for event driven architecture.


While this is a very short introduction to the JavaScript of Ninja Forms THREE, we are continually writing new tutorials, walkthroughs, and documentation.

To get started, we have published a walkthrough with an example of custom client side validation in Ninja Forms.