New HTML field/action setting

Ninja Forms version 2.9.43 introduces the new HTML field/action setting. This new setting type allows for outputting arbitrary text or HTML in the settings drawer for fields or actions (or form settings).

This allows for the display of information or instructions within the settings drawer, outside of setting specific help text.

In the example below, we can now place a notice in an advanced setting group to inform users of potential issues that they might face.

'notice' => array(
'name' => 'notice',
'type' => 'html',
'group' => 'advanced',
'width' => 'full',
'value' => '<div style="padding: 20px 0;"><strong>Notice</strong>: These are advanced settings and may not be supported by all web servers.</div>'

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Screenshot 2016-04-15 16.47.55

Simple example of how an HTML setting might be used.

While this example may be beneficial for informing users, it is important to exercise restraint when introducing heavy amounts of text into the Ninja Forms UI (as with any user interface).