THREE – Alpha 1 – Hartnell

We are super excited to announce that our Ninja Forms 3.0 ALPHA release is now available for download! This release is the first public-facing step towards the soon-to-be completed Ninja Forms 3.0, and represents many months worth of virtually around the clock work by our development team. We honestly cannot adequately voice how excited we are to finally reach the stage of development where we can show our efforts off to you and hear your feedback!

This release is not in a complete state. It is very much an early-release alpha version. You could almost call it a pre-alpha. Please keep a few things in mind going into this:

  • DO NOT attempt to install this release on a live website.
  • DO install this on a clean WordPress install; by this we mean a completely new WordPress installation to which Ninja Forms 2.9.x or earlier has never been installed.
  • There will be database conflicts if you install this alongside 2.9.x, even if 2.9.x has been deactivated or deleted.
  • Please see the section immediately below for a list of current alpha release functionality. If it’s not listed there, it’s not working yet. We’re hard at work to bring you more features asap!

Alpha Testing Ninja Forms 3.0

Ninja Forms 3.0 Alpha will generate several forms for you to play in, and within these forms you can edit the form data and experience our new user interface. This alpha version does not yet include many of the features that the full release of Ninja Forms 3.0 will have. Our primary goal at this early stage is to get your feedback on the user interface and user experience. So, what all can you do?

  • Edit the default forms
  • Create fields
  • Change field settings
  • Duplicate fields
  • Reorder fields
  • Delete fields
  • Preview the default form that you’ve edited on the front end
  • **If you need to reset your forms back to their default state for any reason, go to Forms in the WordPress dashboard and click Mock Data.

Anything outside the above certainly isn’t discouraged, but it’s outside the parameters of our testing at this point, so don’t be surprised if something breaks and you are sucked into a blackhole and lost for all eternity. We’re not liable for lost souls.

Giving Feedback

Our primary purpose in releasing Ninja Forms 3.0 Alpha at this stage is to gather feedback on the UI from “non-us” (to quote our CTO Kevin Stover) users. How can you give us feedback and what kind of feedback are we looking for?

  • Please leave your feedback in the comments below.
  • We’d love to see what you’re experiencing. If relevant, please leave screenshots so that we can see what you see!
  • Specifically, we’d like to hear about:
    • What is your overall impression of the new user interface?
    • Does the styling look good on a general level?
    • Is there any specific styling elements that don’t look right?
    • Do styles hold up well with non-default WordPress themes that you tried?
    • What bugs did you encounter and how can we reproduce them?

So How Do I Get It Already?

Click the button of course…

Download Now

Thank you so much for participating in this with us! We look forward to hearing your feedback and cannot wait to be able to present you with the fully armed and operational Ninja Forms 3.0!


  • If you see this error upon activation, your version of PHP is 5.2 or lower:
    Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_FUNCTION in /Users/Dev/WordPress/wp-content/plugins/ninja-forms-alpha-1-hartnell/includes/Database/Models/Form.php on line 117
  • While we don’t currently plan on supporting PHP before version 5.3, we’re trying to determine how many of our users are on those older versions. If you do see this error, please let us know in a comment below, however, there isn’t a fix for this other than updating to a newer version of PHP.

*Bug Fixes*

  • “invalid plugin header” error
  • PHP 5.3 compatibility fatal error issues
  • Mock Data forms should now be installed on activation