This site is the one stop shop for everything involving development for Ninja Forms. It’s purpose is simple.

To provide everything you need to build everything you want.

Our philosophy on developer documentation is that we all learn differently and therefore not one type of documentation will work for every person. While this site is far from complete and has great strides to make before it is as helpful as we want it to be, below describes the types of content you expect to find as the site evolves.


Currently we are writing about the development of version 3.0 of Ninja Forms. We’re explaining some of the challenges we’re facing and the reasons behind the decisions we’ve made. Once 3.0 is release it will continue to be a resource to discuss changes, new technologies, and philosophical concepts as they pertain to Ninja Forms. We would also love to have guests posts by other developers doing cool things with Ninja Forms.

Codex (in progress)

This is the common documentation you are used to find for developer documentation. An explanations of functions, actions, filters, objects, and methods for working with Ninja Forms. These provide everything you need for proper syntax of all that is available in our API.

Quick Start Guides

The codex is great if you want to nerd out on the specific API elements, but if you want to build something fast and specific, that’s where the quick start guides come in. Here you will find specific tutorials like Creating a Custom Action, Registering a Unique Field Type, Adjusting Field Templates, etc.

These guides will each take a specific look at a single component of Ninja Forms and gives you guidance on how to use them to solve your own needs.

Ninja Forms KOZO

This is very special form built with Ninja Forms that let’s you easily spin up your own add-on for Ninja Forms. We know, it’s very meta.

These add-ons could be used for your own special projects with clients or to build add-ons to be sold in the Ninja Forms add-on marketplace. Here is how it will work:

  • You will answer a few questions about your plugin like the name, description, author, etc.
  • You will select the types of Ninja Forms components you are going to need like Actions, Fields, Templates, etc.
  • You will select whether the add-on is for personal use or to be an official Ninja Forms Add-On.
  • Click Create

That’s it. If you elected this for personal use a zip of your new add-on will be instantly downloaded with all the examples of the Ninja Forms components you selected. This plugin could be installed immediately. All you need to do is adjust the examples to fit your specific needs.

If you elected to have this be an official add-on your request will be sent to the Ninja Forms lead developer for approval. Once approved you will get notified of the GitHub repo you project has been added to and the information you need to get started.

We are very excited about this part of our site as we believe it will help developers build Ninja Forms add-ons faster than ever before.

Community Forum (Slack)

This is the best place for real-time conversation between developers around the Ninja Forms project. I hope you join us.